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Second World War

Catégorie : Jeux - Simulation
Sortie : 26 juil. 2011
Version : 1.3.3
43,4 Mo

0,79 €*
Age minimum : 4 ans

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The endpoint of all strategic games! Enjoy historic battles with your phone!

Invasion of Normandy, Winter War, Battle of Leningrad…
Famous battles of World War II right on my phone!

The endpoint of all smartphone strategy games, ‘second World War’!!!
Now, the history of the world lies in your hands!

- Game Description -
second World War is a highly addictive strategy game with the goal of winning the historic battles of World War II.

- Game Characteristics -
Go beyond the simple finger-moving action of previous genres and enjoy a vivid game with cute characters and intense sounds for each force.
‘Game Skills,’ which represents a change from the simple game style, offers entertainment factors that are different from existing games in the same genre.
3 modes and a total of 66 stages for each difficulty will offer you a continuous sense of challenge and focus.

- How to Play -
The game is very simple to play.
All controls are made via touch & drag.

Select the troops that are continuously produced at your base, and send them to attack enemy bases or to defend bases that are under attack. You can win by capturing all the bases.

- Gaming Tips -
Select multiple friendly bases by dragging across the screen.
Eradicate hostile bases with one powerful attack!

Different building types offer different maximum numbers of units and production speeds, so make sure you understand the characteristics of each building so that you can play strategically.

You can purchase skills with the points that you receive for winning in each stage. Whenever you seem to be at a disadvantage in the game, try going for the single powerful strike that will turn the tide of battle!


Pour tout iPhone et iPod Touch.
Nécessite le système d'exploitation 4.0 ou ultérieur.

Assistance Second World War

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